In the framework of the B-CCENTRE, BlueKrypt was invited by UCL to lecture on the main security principles related to Cloud, BYOD and Big Data in the framework of the B-CCENTRE.

With a European financial support B-CCENTRE (Belgian Cybercrime Centre of Excellence for Training, Research & Education) provides conferences and other documents to prevent and fight computer criminality in Belgium.

The main subjects dealt with during that day were:

"What can be seen when spying my Wi-Fi connection?
What must I check when I connect to my bank online?
Does an email prove anything?"

On the basis of true cases, the training explained the main working principles of cryptography as it is used on the internet. Concrete lab experiments were also proposed. UCL wishes to propose a resolutely applied approach through concrete examples and practical applications, the aim is not so much to understand how cryptography works, but well what it is useful for..

This day is addressed to non-technological experts facing cybercriminality issues. BlueKrypt already participated to a first edition of this training in 2012.

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