What do social elections mean for a company? A non negligible cost in terms of logistics but also in human resources. Thanks to technology, our era can reduce the impact of such a ballot.

Several companies already chose to vote electronically back in 2012 and promised to repeat the experiment in 2016. If companies see the interest of this type of solution, others, such as the government and the trade unions are not rejecting the proposal.

But what conditions do we have to meet in order to convince all the parties of the validity of the approach? The elections must be carried out in all confidence, with proofs for the good execution, an easy and understandable interface, a substantial reduction of costs and a proven rapidity to get the results.

The verifiable solution OAdeo is undoubtedly the response to all these requests.. After the proven success with several clients in 2012, BlueKrypt was invited to attend several official meetings with trade unions and the ministry in charge.

As for Belgian legislative elections, it is not impossible that the State suggests a global electronic ballot solution meeting the request of al the parties and allowing companies to substantially reduce the financial impact of social elections, already for 2016 ...to be continued!

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