Electronic ballot is a very active research field covering a wide scope of issues: from computer security and the coding aspects to human psychology and legal issues. The aim of Vote-ID conference is to gather researchers and practitioners from universities, industries and governmental institutions to work on electronic ballot systems.

This event was an opportunity for BlueKrypt to present our OAdeo solution to the expert community. This community is the reference for election organisers to help them select the best product meeting their requests.

This presentation demonstrated the feasibility of the implementation of the most advanced technologies for electronic ballot in a commercially mature product. As a continuation, we received many invitations to participate to international call for tenders (France, Australia, Italy…).

The conference was also an opportunity to start a partnership with the technical university of Darmstadt (Germany), more specifically the research lab of the "Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (cased.de)". This commercial partnership aims at combining two innovating technologies inside our ballot solution in order to meet more specific requests on the market.

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