BlueKrypt paid a visit to INTEL security experts in order to discuss the issue of BYOD and study the hardware solutions considered by the manufacturer in the field of mobile technologies.

In the framework of the TRUEDEV project, BlueKrypt aims at using better and more easily the secured environments available in hardware architectures such as smartcards, TrustZone (ARM) etc.

INTEL has communicated very little on its mobile strategy until now! They intend to develop a new CPU architecture that will have to embed SE functionalities. These functionalities will then appear in "common" PCs and mobiles.

BlueKrypt had the opportunity to study the future technologies that will be installed in 2015-2016 CPU architectures as well as their compatibility with standards such as Global Platform. These encounters allowed us to clarify our approach for TRUEDEV, in particular in the preservation of a formal compatibility with these future environments. An increased consistency and efficiency can thus be brought to the project in particular for its final and exploitation phase in 2016.

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