BlueKrypt, leader of the Infopole "security" branch, will present the aspect of corporate security from a pragmatic point of view: "it is no good to buy a security system if you have not assessed the framework of accessory, secondary and essential elements to be protected in the company..."

A well-balanced corporate governance is the only way to counter the possible risk. An attack is a most probable possibility. The company needs to be able to enforce the most adequate answer to deal with the damages without jeopardizing its core business!

Cyber security remains one of the biggest challenges faced by many small and medium companies: attack of online commercial sites, leakage of manufacturing and commercial secrets, client data, social engineering, etc. Companies that have been a victim of these attacks are now countless.

To deal with corporate cyber security, a new guide has been issued: "the Belgian Cyber Security Guide". It is an initiative of Alichec, in collaboration with the B-CCENTRE and the Walloon Agency for Telecommunications.

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