STAR-Vote is an electronic ballot system jointly developed by the electoral board of Travis County, near Austin (Texas) and several international universities. The specifications include the use of Oadeo’s verifiable cryptographic techniques!

Texas authorities strongly insisted that their main constraint was the authenticity of results, confidentiality of the votes and a centralisation of the database allowing everyone to freely choose his voting bureau, and all this at a "reasonable" cost. In this view, developments were carried out in order to allow voting on standard computers.

Observers have indeed indicated that dedicated voting machines are at least three times as expensive as "off the shelf" equipment! Not only might the equipment itself be more onerous, but its maintenance has budgets explode. Software system constraints are therefore dissociated from the hardware so as to prevent the cost from becoming prohibitive.

Security and verifiability of the vote represent a substantial chapter of the specifications. Oadeo, exactly as the STAR-Vote project, guarantees the confidentiality and verifiability of the ballot while offering an ergonomic use for the voter and a simplified set-up for the organizer.  

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