Belgian companies have to organise social elections every four years. This will be the case again in May 2016. "Still much time to go", you think. Not so much in fact!

Indeed, as SDWorx explains it in an article, the administrative procedure needs to be started 150 days before the polling date.

But what do these social elections represent for a company? A non-negligible cost in logistics, human resources and time. In 2012, several companies thus chose the option, of electronic elections. The process was completely successful and the managers do not hesitate to tell the simplicity, rapidity and, most of all, the cost reduction it brought! These elections are carried out in all confidence, with evidence of good process, statistical information on the participation during the ballot and a proven rapidity to obtain the results.

Our system OAdeo, verifiable electronic ballot, is undoubtedly the most adequate answer to the requirements of all stakeholders: trade unions, employers and employees.

The Belgian State enforced a whole set of rules that govern electronic social elections. Among other things, the technical service provider (Bluekrypt) must deposit the application source code.

Do not delay to contact us, in order to receive all the necessary information in view of the organization of your verifiable electronic ballot in 2016!

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