A few weeks ago, Belgian security blogger Yeri Tiete discovered that SSL security of most of our financial institutions was too weak.

"Our banks are incorrectly enforcing SS and prevaricate too long before executing important corrections and updates.  In this way, they create a false feeling of security", explained the young man.

According to the blogger, our banks hesitate to update their SSL protocol, because they want to make sure that the computers still working under the old Windows XP and using Internet Explorer 6 will go on running their applications.

Reaction did not wait: "Security is an absolute priority for Belgian banks", underlined Febelfin, the Financial Sector Union.

Here are some of the banks’ reactions:

  • "Security of online transaction was not jeopardized", reacted ING Belgium. The bank precises also that 4 out of the 5 sensitive security points raised in the article were reinforced during the course of February.
  • Measures have been undergoing reinforcement "for quite a long time" at Record Bank.
  • BNP Paribas Fortis underlines that on their side "all the sites of the bank had already been adapted on 27th January in order to reinforce client data protection. Only the informative part of the Hello Bank site remained to be reinforced, which was done last Monday".

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