SME do not always grant their computer security the attention it deserves: Wise advice from a consultancy company for SMEs.

How do you define computer security for SMEs?

BlueKrypt: “In SMEs, computer security is based on three pillars to be built and watched carefully. The first pillar is the protection and the situation analysis of the company's computer system. Are Antiviruses, systems and servers, up to date? Is there enough protection? Are partners aware of the importance of the choice of their password, of keeping confidential information secret?”

What is vital for the company?

BK: “SME managers do not always have a clear idea of where to invest in their computer security, however important it is.”

How to solve the problem then?

BK: “The importance is to protect what is the heart of the company, internal documents, the business model, etc. People must be aware that 80% of computer problems in a company are coming from outside.”

What is the second pillar?

BK: “Have the RH or the R&D computer systems be subject to an attack that could have damaged the good functioning of the company? Is it possible to detect an intrusion? Very rarely, in fact.”

What should be done in case of an intrusion?

BK: “It's the third pillar. Often, the person detecting an intrusion doesn't know what to do nor whom to contact. It triggers an extreme reaction: everything is cut off and it has a substantial economic impact for the company. As a consequence, an action plan must be defined stipulating what to do in case of an intrusion.”

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