In Belgium, many people think that authentication comes down to showing the identity card distributed by the State.

The use of this authentication on “Taxonweb” by our country fellows would be the proof of the resistance of this solution... Yes and no...

Yes, because the authentication proves to be strong, it does not suffer from any failure, it is performed in the best conditions since the State is guaranteeing it.

No, because not all employees have a Belgian ID card: some are foreigners, others have lost it or it is worn out and unreadable... No, because it is not easy to set up. You need a card reader, you must download a set-up application, have your card at hand, and last but not least... have remembered the password!

The choice for a strong authentication mechanism, simple and easy to use must be accompanied by a thorough thinking on the business environment. The electronic ID card may be a solution in some cases, but its impact and its weaknesses must be validated for the target.

BlueKrypt can help you in this process!

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