The “European 2015 Cyber Risk Survey Report” informs that 38% of companies were victims of hacking resulting in a financial loss assessed at some 5 million per incident!

Only 18% of surveyed people say that they have enforced a global solution to face this cybercriminality, which represents much less than the European average assessed at 23%.

For 71%, the risk is the responsibility of the It Manager... against a European mean of 65%.

Insurance companies are focussing on these new risks and are ready to cover them. Nevertheless, the coverage of these risks proves to be really complex. Indeed many elements must be taken into account and a good deal of them, such as the nature of the field, the data, the enforced protection level... are quite difficult to define. Once all this is assessed, the insurance premium still needs to be calculated. The aim is not only to make the system compliant again, but also to cover the impact on the process continuity that was interrupted by the malevolent deed!

What if we consider that any IT system deserves a serious protection including a technological watch? The necessary remaining insurance coverage could see its premium reduced while being a good thing, just in case...

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