Our company has been invited to participate to the Brussels “SeCloud” event that will take place in March 9, 2016 (Location : Sirris).

This conference will gather university and industry representatives and allow them to defend the main security principles to keep in mind when considering data exploitation in the cloud.

The development of the Internet as well as the virtualisation of IT infrastructures have considerably increased the amount of information exchanged on the networks. The “cloud” and the “big data” are technologies allowing individuals and companies to access innovating and financially interesting services.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of these exchanges, data circulating on the Internet are securely transmitted using cryptography, while remaining readable for the sender and for the receiver.

Sometimes, the owner of the transmitted data may wish the receiver to be able to exploit the data without being able to access them. Technologies, mastered by BlueKrypt, such as “Secret Sharing” and “Secure Multi-Party Computation” allow this possibility.

In our presentation, we are going to expose two concrete industrial projects carried out by our company using these technologies:

  • How to calculate the result of an electronic election without opening the digital envelopes transmitted by the voters?
  • How can a consulting company (big five) perform complex analyses on a company's strategic data without consulting them, while protecting its methodology?

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