Bluekrypt has won the call for tenders including the specifications issued by the Catholic University of Louvain for the election of their Rector. This electronic and verifiable election is addressing several thousand voting people. The new contract significantly increases the penetration of OAdeo on the Belgian market.

As the University researchers are travelling a lot throughout the world, the ballot will be exclusively organized on the internet in order to allow all the voters to take part. Votes are cast through a simple and intuitive interface. The whole process is reliable and confidential. Oadeo's verifiability entrusts the process control to the voters making them able to validate the results.

A particular aspect to underline is the weighting calculation attached to this ballot that may induce confidentiality problems! OAdeo is the only solution for electronic voting where the cryptographic techniques used allow absolute confidentiality and total verifiability of the whole process while respecting the rules of the election.

OAdeo is the proof that electronic voting is a socially responsible approach. It provides everyone with the necessary trust in the electoral process. OAdeo is undoubtedly the tool meeting all the requests that any election organizer faces when having to complete this determining process for his organisation.

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