Every three years, INFOPOLE members need to elect a new managing board. For the second time, OAdeo, the verifiable electronic voting system, allowed a quick, easy and little constraint ballot! The representative of each member company in the cluster voted through the internet.

BlueKrypt allowed the INFOPOLE cluster to choose their Managing Board in two rounds. Voters were invited to cast their votes through the internet in a few clicks and in confidence thanks to the unique verifiability of the OAdeo software!

For the organiser, the simplification of the electoral process was really beneficial. Four key bearers met twice: once to generate the keys for the election and a second time to witness the counting of the votes in the electronic ballot box.
The 9th and the 10th candidates surprisingly ended up in a tie. A second round had thus to be organised with no other complication than… a list reduced to two names. Such a situation on the paper mode would have represented a more complicated organisation…

This approach is comparable to the one of electing meetings experienced by all the big companies. The biggest difficulty then is often to reach the minimum quorum to validate the ballot. The electronic voting system offers a better approach of the electoral process in order to reach a conclusive outcome more easily and at limited cost.

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