BlueKrypt developed a verifiable electronic voting system. The system:

  • Restores the voter's confidence in digital election
  • Combines rapidity, reliability and ease of use
  • Provides the organizer with the proof of the full reliability of the ballot.

The "verifiable electronic election" application is characterised by a whole set of indisputable mathematical proofs from the start of the process until the final result.

Thanks to its advanced academic research appraised by the scientific and cryptographic community, BlueKrypt has implemented this innovating solution and tested it several times already, among others and as a world première for the election of UCL rector in 2009.

On the basis of these successful experiments, the product developed by BlueKrypt possesses major assets:

  • Verifiability: genuine trust generating element, it allows you to check that no «ballot stuffing» occurred, that all votes have been taken into account and of course that the ballot is valid!
  • Simplicity: it turns out that organizing and closing an election can be easy and cheap. The voter, connected to the internet, does not have to move anymore.
  • Adaptability of the software: it is now possible to adapt the solution to the specific technical and legal needs of the organising institution.

BlueKrypt, based in Wallonia, offers a genuine innovation in the field of internet elections. Our product will enable any entity to organise elections/referenda/consultations from the smallest to the biggest scale with the indispensable security and at limited cost.

Infopole, well-known cluster of companies in Wallonia, chose our solution for the renewal of their managing board in 2010. It is a great honour for BlueKrypt to organise the election for the board members of the cluster and have the opportunity to prove their know-how.  The success of this ballot will be their shop front displaying the best of what is done in the field today.

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