The Walloon Health Network aims at interconnecting the digitalised medical files of the doctors to ease the continuity of care. Bluekrypt is in charge of the evaluation of the security of the elements put into place by FRATEM in the framework of this program.

"Security to protect the privacy of patients..."

Doctors who dispose of a server (typically hospital doctors) can declare, with the patient’s prior approval, some of their documents (x-ray results, reports of hospital stay, reports of visit…) to the server of the Walloon Health Network. Documents remain in hospital.

Doctors who do not dispose of a server (typically family doctors) may encode, with the patient’s prior approval, their documents (summary file of an emergency for example) on the central server.

With the agreement of the patient, the doctors in charge build a therapeutic link that binds them together in the system (Dr X took care of patient Y from 01/01/2007 to 30/06/2007). Once the link is established, the doctor can read the documents that were encoded or declared by his colleagues from his own digital medical file.

All the security mechanisms are enforced to ensure confidentiality of the data.

In the end, and subject to prior approval of the patient, any doctor in charge can access a complete medical file appended by all the caring agents.

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