BlueKrypt proposed its solution OAdeo in the framework of the 2012 social elections.

Prior to all elections, the software code was filed with the ministry of Labour, to attest that all the legal specifications are included.

Among other clients, a big Belgian bank, representing more or less 18,000 voters, trusted us to organise its election with more than 600 candidates split on 42 ballot forms. No need to say that many meetings were necessary to win the contract. We met the 5 internal validation committees, and a security manager.

The solution was implemented in SaaS (Software as a Service) in BlueKrypt datacenter, with a limited access to the client's network. Internally, more than 80 booths were distributed in the offices of the bank. In the agencies, particular case, the employees had the possibility to cast their votes from their computer. Finally, a paper ballot was also foreseen for external people with the possibility to activate the electronic ballot in a dedicated environment. In practice, each voter automatically received the only forms on which he could vote, the process being multilingual and using the formal language of the bank.

To all this, a second line support offering timely answer had to be provided…

Generally speaking, all our "2012 social elections" clients were enthusiastic about the OAdeo solution. It received full approval from the direction, the unions and the employees. The voters found it more flexible and less binding than previous formulas. After the ballot, the only request from the organisers was to already consider the organisation of 2016 social elections!

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