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OAdeo ensures the secrecy of the vote, but also the integrity of the whole process: anybody can check that the result of the election is correct. The security of a system such as OAdeo does not depend any more on the servers hosting the solution. There is no need any more to blindly trust the service supplier or the organizer of the election.


A strong security at the level of the ballot forms. Nobody, neither the organiser, nor BlueKrypt will ever be able to open a ballot form..


By default, a strong authentication system with the possibility to use the logins of the organiser.


Production of the forms and local dealing of the keys: servers only host public data.





Mathematical and inalienable validation of the entire process. The organiser will be able, if necessary, to provide indisputable proof of the smooth running of the election to whom it may concern at any time.


BlueKrypt guarantees a high level security in its internal processes through normative evaluation (OpenSAMM and ISO27000) and does not externalise any part of the development of OAdeo.