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What kind of elections?

OAdeo is suited for any type of election. Our solution can be deployed and integrated on the client's system, in SaaS (software as a service) in our data centres or even in a public cloud system.

General assembly

Organising a general assembly or a voting managing board is often full of constraints. The electronic voting solution OAdeo simplifies the process and allows you to concentrate on the agenda....


A sensitive subject may lead to a non-representative survey of the reality. Thanks to OAdeo's confidentiality level, people will have the necessary confidence to express their ideas.

Social election

A social election is a special period in the life of your company. We will accompany you in the organisation of this ballot with an easy solution, OAdeo, in full respect of the legislation.

Internal consultation

The appraisal of the employees inside an institution is a way to improve their work environment, for example. This element is important for the productivity. OAdeo reinforces the confidentiality of the process and gives you access to meaningful information.