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BlueKrypt, independent from any vendor, is your partner in your search for the best security solution for your company.

The goal of BlueKrypt is to transmit its know-how in security to the companies in a way that is pragmatic and consistent with their core business. We aim at reaching a security level in adequacy with the risks faced by the companies without failing to comply with their obligations as far as privacy is concerned.

Legality and respect of privacy

BlueKrypt will achieve its work in full accordance with the laws and rules in force. BlueKrypt will not reproduce nor disclose any private document in agreement with the European law.

Transparency of the services

Thanks to its working method, BlueKrypt can, at any time, put the whole set of documents produced in the framework of its mission at the disposal of its client.


BlueKrypt will develop all the skills necessary to the good performance of the requested services.


BlueKrypt will deliver a high quality service in each mission, in full compliance with the state of the art and the rules of the business.


BlueKrypt works in all confidentiality and in accordance with the agreements signed with its clients in order to protect the data supplied or acquired during it missions.


Some services, as the intrusions tests, oblige BlueKrypt to check that the signatory is the actual owner or authorized representative in charge of the systems on which he requires our action.