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Our services cover the whole range of issues met by Big Account Security Managers. As in the case of insurances, preventive investment in security must be adapted to the value of the data and systems to protect.

Some examples:

Risk mapping

Risk mapping is the corner stone of the risk managing process. This piloting tool feeds the risk managing process as a lever towards decision makers with the elaboration of action plans and budgets. It allows the definition of an iterative risk managing process in order to assess the progress and ensure the long-term viability of the actions. BlueKrypt favours a pragmatic adaptation of the methods on the market adapting them in accordance with the context and the needs.

Performance of external attacks - applied methodology

To reach a sufficient confidence level, a security audit is all the more efficient when an intrusion test is carried out simultaneously. Clear objectives: define a security level and qualify its resistance while making the actors in the company sensitive to the problem. An intrusion test allows measuring the protection level, as do qualification methods in the industrial world (resistance of an engine for example). The test duration as well as its area are important factors to be taken into account.

Security audit

Nowadays the IT system represents an essential strategic element in the continuity of the business activities. It rests on a whole set of network resources. A security audit allows protecting the IT system resources while limiting the impacts of incidents. The aim is to guarantee the global availability of the network infrastructure, servers, workstations and to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the information.

Security analysis of an application code

BlueKrypt analyses independently the evolution of the structural and technical security level of an application. The aim is to use code analysis tools to detect security problems residing in the architectural design, but also in the source code.

Monitoring of security technology

To achieve a successful securisation process, it is fundamental to keep it up to date. Technological monitoring enables a follow-up of internal evolutions (control panel indicators, audit results, field feedbacks...) while integrating new external parameters (new threats, technological innovations, new rules and laws...). Technological monitoring is the engine of a progressive approach of the security that ensures the long-term viability of the IT system.

Security training

Training of managers and more generally of all the collaborators to the IT system is an essential component of the security. BlueKrypt aims to transmit its knowledge in the security field thanks to trainings adapted to the need of the companies. The objective is to involve all the employees of a company in an ethical and technological process to allow them to positively and completely apprehend the security of their IT system.

Development and cryptanalysis

BlueKrypt is composed of PhDs and engineers in applied sciences having a good practice of all aspects of cryptology. Our capacity to combine our crypto knowledge with our security know-how allows us to offer a security vision that corresponds to the state of the art for the security of IT systems. Encryption, digital signature and authentication are the bases of modern outward-looking computer networks.

Standard implementation and validation

Enforced pragmatically, a standard allows resting the security approach on a long-lasting model, ensuring that the measures are adapted to the identified risks. Resources and costs are thus better controlled. Moreover, it reinforces the sourcing process (knowledge of the risks and required protection levels). Finally, a standard prepares for the future as it rests on international regulations but also simplifies other compliance procedures.