Standard Validation

Standards Implementation and Validation

Enforced pragmatically, a standard allows resting the security approach on a long-lasting model, ensuring that the measures are adapted to the identified risks. Resources and costs are thus better controlled. Moreover, it reinforces the sourcing process (knowledge of the risks and required protection levels). Finally, a standard prepares for the future as it rests on international regulations but also simplifies other compliance procedures.

Monitoring of Security Technologies

To achieve a successful securisation process, it is fundamental to keep it up to date. Technological monitoring enables a follow-up of internal evolutions (control panel indicators, audit results, field feedbacks…) while integrating new external parameters (new threats, technological innovations, new rules and laws…). Technological monitoring is the engine of a progressive approach of the security that ensures the long-term viability of the IT system.

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Advice in Computer Security

BlueKrypt is a consulting firm for the security of IT systems and their management. BlueKrypt aims to protect the company assets against IT risks in accordance with the company, its environment and the state of its IT tools. The choice and the implementation of security elements cannot slow down the core business of the company.

Our capacity to combine our cybersecurity knowledge with our infrastructure know-how allows us to offer a security vision that corresponds to the current state of the art for the security of IT systems. BlueKrypt, in its consulting capacity, wants to remain independent of any vendor. This liberty guarantees a neutral approach on the technologies and services on the market. Our aim is to optimise the existing situation and, when necessary, to propose new essential elements.

BlueKrypt consultants abide by the ethical code of IT system security professionals. Contractually they commit themselves to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the gathered information and produced results. BlueKrypt wants to transmit its knowledge while leaving the management of your security in your hands. BlueKrypt trains its consultants and goes along with them in your security projects.